Organisation of Urban
Transportation of Thessaloniki
Fare Inspection

Regulations N.4313/2014 (FEK 261 A) & its implementation with A 45788/3552/2014  K.Y.A. F.E.K.2283/2014


For those traveling with the city buses of O.A.S.T.H.

  • Passengers must pay the legal fare (validation of a pre-printed ticket or issuing a ticket from the issuing machine) immediately after entering the bus, keep the ticket during the entire journey and show it to any demand of the authorized Fare ControllerA.S.T.H.
  • Passengers who travel without ticket are fined 60 times the normal or reduced basic tickets.60 times the normal basic tickets are also imposed as a fine to those traveling with a reduced ticket, if they do not show the tickets provided for each case.
  • The imposition of the fine is carried out by the authorized Fare ControllerA.S.T.H., who legally carry out the control.
  • The passenger-offender must show his/her identity details to the authorized Fare ControllerA.S.T.H.., for the imposition of a fine, otherwise the assistance of the Police Agency is requested, in accordance with the provisions of Law 4313/2014 (FEK 261 A).
  • The above specified fine, if it is not collected immediately by the authorized Fare ControllerA.S.T.H. upon confirmation of the violation or within 60 calendar days from the day after the confirmation of the violation, is quintupled and sent to the Public Financial Service (PSO) of income taxof the offender and is collected according to the provisions of n.d. 356/194 (A’6) as applicable, “Public Revenue Collection Code”, as public revenue.