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Cultural Route


On September 1st, 2009, OASTH launched a special “Cultural Route” (Bus No 50) to make the rich historical and cultural heritage of Thessaloniki more accessible to its citizens and visitors. The bus departs from the White Tower for a 50-minute tour around the citys main historical and cultural monuments. The tour is supported by a telematics based audio-visual material (in Greek and English), as well as by printed leaflets (also in Greek and English and soon in more foreign languages).

The specially equipped bus, as it can be seen on the photo above,  is appropriately decorated on the outside to be easily recognised, Route attendants distribute informational leaflets and offer additional information to provide passengers with the best services possible.


Thessaloniki on the go!

Welcome to the “Cultural Route” of Urban Public Transport of Thessaloniki (OASTh).

The “Route to the History of Thessaloniki” stops very close to many of the historical monuments, that have built up  the city’s history through the ages, from ancient, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine times until today.

Thessaloniki has a multicultural character due to different nationalities that have lived in it through time.
  • Informations about Line No 50
  • Point of departure: The White Tower (map)
  • Use Optimal Route application to find your way to the point of departure

Cultural Route tickets may  be purchased from Cultural Route attendants, on board the No 50 and from the Ticket Outlets.

  • Unlimited travel cards (regular or discount) as well as free travel passes(for the disabled) are also valid in Line No 50
  • Children under six (6) years old travel free, provided they are accompanied by an adult.

  • Press here to download the informational leaflet Greek
  • Press here to download the informational leaflet English
  • Press here to download the informational leaflet Deutsch
  • Press here to download the informational leaflet Russian


For more information:
Send an e-mail to: oasth@oasth.gr
Call 11085 (daily from 07:00 to 22:00)

Route and StopsLine 50


White Tower (Start)

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1st Stop: Museums

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2nd Stop: Palace of Galerius – Esperos

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3rd Stop: Church of Agia Sofia

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4th Stop: Aristotelous Square

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5th Stop: Diikitirio

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6th Stop: Church of Agios Dimitrios

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7th Stop: Koule Kafe

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8th Stop: Taxiarchon

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9th Stop: Ano Poli (Upper Town) – Keladis

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10th Stop: Trigonio Tower – Agioi Anargyroi

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11th Stop: Moni Vlatadon – Platanos

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12th Stop: Pasha Gardens – Agios Pavlos

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13th Stop: Eastern Walls – Hospital

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14th Stop: Rotonda – University

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