Organisation of Urban
Transportation of Thessaloniki
Fine Payment

In the bank payment for the payment of the fine, it must be written:

1) the alphanumeric number of the fine and

2) the name and surname of the offender.

Without these two elements, the fine cannot be written off, even if it has been paid.

The fines imposed on beneficiaries of reduced tickets, i.e. pupils, students, people from family  with many children and people over 65 years of age, the reduction of the fine can only be done by the Department of Revenue Assurance of the OASTH, after submitting an objection and

submission of the relevant supporting documents. The bank payment of the reduced fine should only take place when the service confirms that the fine has been reduced.

Otherwise, any money deposited is lost and the fine remains!

The submission of the objection and the filing of the supporting documents is done at the Department of Revenue Assurance of the OASTH, 90 Alexandrou Papanastasiou, 1st floor.

Alternatively, the objection can be sent by email to: oasth@oasth.gr or dde1@oasth.gr.